Garden Centre

2021 will be our first year with the garden centre!  We are super excited to offer this to our customers.

Booking orders available.

Can't find what you are looking for - just ask!  We work directly with our greenhouses and we love to see what all we can get started for you!

Started fruits and vegetables

Closeup Tomatoes

We are offering products grown in the North for the North!

This year we are proud to offer :

Lettuce Bowls 10"

Herb Bowls 8"

Pots (4")

Beans - yellow/green




Cucumber - field/pickle





Hot Pepper - jalapeno

Bell Pepper

Zucchini - green

Squash - buttercup

Tomato - slicer/cherry

 4 cells 

Kale - red russian

Onion - multiplier

Corn - sweet


Patio planters

Bell Peppers 12"

Hot Peppers 12" - jalapeno

Tomato 12" - slicer/cherry

Strawberry 10"

Potato and onion sets will be available in the Spring as well.


Flower Selection

Flowers 2021!

We have too many varieties coming in to list!!

These flowers have a zone rating of 4.

If looking for a specific kind please feel free to reach out to us!

Our greenhouses have sold out of many popular varieties already! (Dec 1/20)