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Garden Centre

2024 will be our fourth year with the garden centre!  We are super excited to be able to continue to offer this to our customers and to continue to expand and bring in new and unusual plants.

Started fruits and vegetables

Holding Plant

Oct 12/23

Sent in orders for flowers both annuals and perennials.  Will continue to add on to our lists.

February 2024

OSC seeds will be available as well as trays and starting kits.  Soils - potting soils, 3 way mixes, top soil, mulches and more available!

Onion sets to come end of March 2024.


Wild Flowers

Flowers 2024!

We have too many varieties coming in to list!!  Deliveries start beginning of May 2024!

Watch our Facebook page for pictures of the flowers as they arrive!

Most of the flowers coming in have a zone rating of 4, but we do bring in some plants for the advance gardeners that want to have some beautiful plants that require more care.

If looking for a specific kind please feel free to reach out to us!

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