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Trout Creek Feed Store Team

What critters you'll meet here!  The star attractions.



Thought we would start with the star attraction! Monster!
Monster has been part of the Trout Creek Feed Store family from the start and plays a vital role in making sure our customers feel welcomed!  Monster goes out of his way to check on customers and make sure he is seen.


Mini Mouse

They say sometimes you don't choose your animal they choose you.  Well that's the case with Mini.  We happened to be driving on the highway on a very rainy and cold day ( a few years back) and this little thing was getting drove over and flipped around.  We stopped to see what it was and the little thing came running over and it was a kitten!!  Not even 3 weeks old.  Cold and scared we brought her home and now she is the most happy, adorable and fluffy kitten!



Chaos!  This little girl is the newest member of team Trout Creek Feed Store and is definitely earning her keep.  Whether it is pest control or nap patrol Chaos has it covered.  Chaos is learning about customer service skills from Monster so will be an excellent greeter in the future.



If you visit Trout Creek Feed Store, chances are high you’ll meet Stormie, our Quality Control Officer. She can be shy until you break out the treats then she'll be your best friend!



Gracie pants is the newest puppy to join the crew!  Yes she is a puppy!  She is a Standard American Bulldog.  She loves to greet everyone especially children.  If you want some puppy love Gracie will definitely help you out with that!

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